Galvantula is a yellow arachnid Pokémon.Its body consists of a head and abdomen. Worry Seed--100: 10--Egg Move - Gen 7: A seed that causes worry is planted on the target. Starting in Black and White, female Pokémon with Hidden Abilities have a 60% chance of passing on the Hidden Ability to their offspring when bred with a male Pokémon from the same Egg Group. Ferroseed may be based on cockleburs, durians, or conkers, seeds from horse-chestnut trees or datura, all of which are known for their tough skin and thorns. Ferroseed has the lowest base Speed stat of all Grass-type and Steel-type Pokémon. It has two large, blue, forward-facing eyes with black pupils, and four, smaller, simple eyes sitting in a 2x2 pattern on its forehead. It evolves into Ferrothorn starting at level 40.