Laura Van Kirk; Summary. Fallon ultimately stands up for Liam, creating conflict between the two women. With Elizabeth Gillies, Daniella Alonso, Elaine Hendrix, Rafael de la Fuente. The police chief turns the tables on Steven by revealing that he helped Blake cover up Steven's culpability in the accidental death of an oil rig worker. Liam's mother makes a shocking announcement; Blake and Cristal pursue a nefarious new scheme. Blake later greets a business associate, Diego Callestada, who is in fact Alejandro. Laura E Van Kirk (1864 - 1922) How do we create a person’s profile? [6] Jeff finances Fallon's business venture to be close to her, but it takes a while for her to begin to see his value as a partner. At Ted's hospital bedside, Steven manipulates Ted's religious father, Gerard "Gerry" Dinard (Stephan Jones), to reclaim Sam's missing earring from Ted's belongings. She eventually convinces Iris that Alejandro is bad and will only turn on her, and as Alejandro tries to strangle Cristal, Iris shoots and kills him. 2,906 Followers, 1,535 Following, 687 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from laura vankirk (@lauravankirk) Alexis and Jeff gains control of Carrington Atlantic and Carrington Estate. Watching out for the Carringtons are majordomo Anders (Alan Dale) and chauffeur Michael Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley). Sharon Lawrence [28][29], Ted Dinard (portrayed by Michael Patrick Lane) is Steven's ex-boyfriend from New York, who reappears in "Company Slut". Sam's presence makes Cristal nervous, as he knows her secrets. Following Willy's suicide, Stansfield shows the Carringtons a convenient suicide note that exonerates them from any involvement. Cristal gets through to Caleb, however, and he confesses that he was simply flirting during their original meeting. [16] Fallon leaks a sex tape of Cristal and Matthew in "Private as a Circus", and the Carringtons are cleared of wrongdoing in Matthew's death by Willy's suicide note. Fallon discovers this and the two then truly make amends, Evan helping fix the damage he caused to Fallon's community garden. [6] She is initially angry with her father Cesil for the crimes that landed him in jail,[19] and with her mother Dominique Deveraux for abandoning the family years before. Now, seniors, Heidi had a secret affair with Liam's father which resulted in her pregnancy. Ted wakes up, but his father whisks him off to rehab before he is able to say anything to the police about his fall. Laura L. Van Kirk formerly Murray. Heidi (portrayed by Emily Rudd) dated Liam while the two attended school together in Switzerland but learned she was pregnant near the end of their relationship. He was born in Daggett, Michigan on January 5, 1945; son of the late Robert and Mary (Matlock) Van Kirk. Roberto returns in "Miserably Ungrateful Men" to make sure Cristal hires one of their father's pet players for The Atlantix in order to rig games. Ashley takes advantage of this by rekindling their relationship, with the help of Liam's mother Laura, and the two are set to marry in "Something Desperate". Claudia is subdued, and with Police Chief Stansfield's help, Blake sends Claudia to a sanitarium rather than prison. [7] Claudia is revealed to actually be responsible for the explosion in "A Taste of Your Own Medicine". Directed by Pascal Verschooris. Dominique agrees to keep her night with Michael a secret, but she has surreptitiously recorded a video of their encounter on her phone. With Dominique's help, Vanessa drugs Ashanti at the grand opening party and sings in her place. The character was described as "so overpowering and manipulative that she puts Fallon's mother, Alexis, to shame. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person’s profile. [32][33] Confined to Jeff's house with an ankle monitor in "The Gospel According to Blake Carrington", Cesil is compelled to go along with Jeff's plan to marry Fallon as a means to destroy Blake. He was born in … A slightly AU one-shot, set during 3x14, of Laura Van Kirk's inner narrative and thoughts, specifically about why she hates Fallon. Seasons Maddison Brown was also cast as Anders' daughter, Kirby, and Sharon Lawrence portrayed the guest role of Liam's mother, Laura Van Kirk. Hank later visits Alexis; he is actually her lover, with whom she is conspiring to amass enough Carrington Atlantic shares to seize control of the company. In "She Cancelled...", Caleb winds up caught in the middle of Cristal's feud with her stepson, Adam. However, he later admits to not wanting to be a pawn in her game to win back her former fiancé. Sam is forced make a choice between Steven and Ryan. Kae-Kazim was cast in November 2017. With Liam cutting contact with his mother and pursuing his future with Fallon, Laura makes a deal with Blake to put an end to Fallon and Liam's engagement in exchange for her signing off on Carrington Atlantic being sold back to him. He agrees to film some scenes as a peace offering to Vanessa, and she later manipulates him into staying with the show. View the profiles of people named Laura van Kirk. Occupation Relationships Mary Laura VanKirk was the second-born child of Maria and Joseph Jardin in Hartford, Connecticut. Cristal both leaves Blake and breaks things off with Caleb in "Robin Hood Rescues". And that accusation—and the mystery surrounding it—is what launches us into series. Anders told Fallon he would take care of the situation, and Fallon, not wanting to know any more details, let herself believe that Trixie had run away. When Jeff visits, he and Cesil discuss their vendetta against Blake, who they say slept with Cesil's wife and framed him on drug charges. [7] In "The Best Things in Life", Stansfield threatens Blake when Steven cuts off his illicit funding. Though Steven and an impressed Thomas believe that Blake set Ted up, Jeff is actually behind it. Cristal confesses to Fallon in "The Sight of You" that her ex-husband Mark Jennings (portrayed by Damon Dayoub) may be the father of her child. You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White, You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad, Laura has a way of quietly controlling people and the world around her. Cristal meets Father Caleb Collins (portrayed by Wil Traval) in "Is the Next Surgery on the House?" Liam explains to Fallon in " The Butler Did It " that he allows his mother Laura Van Kirk (Sharon Lawrence) to berate him because he is protective of her, Laura having suffered a mental breakdown after the death of Liam's father. In the present, Cristal learns through Sam that Iris is once again on the run and needs money, but Cristal is unable to access any funds without Anders knowing. A distraught Ted, using drugs and believing that Sam and Steven are romantically involved, stages a scuffle with Sam and leaps out of an upper story window. Also survived by nine grandchildren, Dr. James C. (Bethany) Kneff, Michael J. Kneff, Sarah M. Rosato, J. Scott (Laura) Van Kirk, IV, Bethany M. Van Kirk, Megan L. (Blake) Baer, William R. Van Kirk, Jr., Jonathan S. Van Kirk, Matthew T. Van Kirk, as well as four great-grandchildren; Oliver, Isabella, Nicholas, and Jack. Meanwhile, on his final job for Blake before he resigns, Matthew is injured in an explosion, and later dies. Deciding that it is time to move on from Liam, Fallon decides to explore what she has with Evan. Her need for medical care prompted the sisters to steal the money from Iris' criminal employers. Cristal joins Nadia and Fallon in tricking Adam into believing that Nadia was sleeping with Blake, thus leading Adam to spiral and burn down the family's vineyard. She has no sense of commitment to her husband, George, as she cheated on him with both Landon III and Blake Carrington. [6], Staunchly protective of the Carringtons, majordomo Joseph Anders (portrayed by Alan Dale) is threatened by Cristal's presence as the new would-be mistress of the mansion,[6] as well as her scheming nephew Sam. This backfires, however, as Roberto attaches the bomb to the wrong car and is injured once it goes off. 250 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘lauravankirk’ hashtag [9], Atlanta energy tycoon Blake Carrington (portrayed by Grant Show) marries public relations executive Cristal Flores, which lands his family at the center of a scandal when Cristal's married ex-lover Matthew Blaisdel is killed in a suspicious explosion. [15] Hank tries to sell the Rembrandt that Alexis gave him as collateral in "Queen of Cups", but she intervenes to keep him away from Blake. She married an equally powerful millionaire, John Lowden. Blake already has a complicated relationship with his son Steven, who disapproves of his father's capitalistic politics and underhanded business tactics.[6]. Laura Van Kirk and Ashley Cunningham return to stop the wedding from happening. The reboot updates several elements from the 1980s original, including moving the setting from Denver, Colorado to Atlanta, Georgia; making Steven's homosexuality a nonissue to Blake; and changing gold digger Sammy Jo from a woman to a gay man. [34], Patrick said after the character's first appearance in November 2017, "Ted Dinard is a character from the OG Dynasty who played a big part in season 1...So let's just say, he'll be back."[31]. He ignores her, and soon figures out that she is Vanessa's stepmother. Over time, the business relationship evolves into a romantic one. Born 1920s. Anders's estranged daughter arrives at the Carrington manor by Sam's invitation in "Dead Scratch". However, this erupts jealousy on Fallon's part. Matthew's friend Willy Santiago tells Cristal that before his death, Matthew refused Blake's offer of a job transfer to China. Laura Van Kirk In "A Champagne Mood", Cristal texts "M. Jennings" that her baby is Blake's and not his, but she is not actually sure. Cristal learns that the baby is Blake's. Cesil flees at Jeff's urging, and Thomas admits to the Carringtons that Blake never had an affair, but was just covering for Thomas. Join Facebook to connect with Laura van Kirk and others you may know. [9] Another flashback in "The Best Things in Life" reveals that Iris' abusive boyfriend Alejandro Raya (portrayed by Luis Fernández), who is Sam's father, was responsible for Cristal's miscarriage. They had two children together, a daughter and a son named Liam Ridley. [23][24], Smith was cast in the recurring role in September 2017. First Appearance Fallon CarringtonLiam Ridley While the police investigate the Carringtons in "Guilt Trip to Alaska", Fallon finds herself hallucinating Trixie. Romances In "Caution Never Won a War", Laura sabotages Fallon's attempts to help Liam regain his memories of their relationship after he develops amnesia. Sam convinces Roberto to forgive Cristal for betraying their family, and Roberto gives Cristal a dossier that their father has collected on her and the Carringtons. However, it was later revealed that she couldn't part with her son after his birth and decided to raise him on her own. Following the sudden death of her brother Max, Laura Van Kirk (portrayed by Sharon Lawrence) arrives in Atlanta in "The Butler Did It" to check up on her son Liam, as well as to meet her new daughter-in-law Fallon. [6], Blake's son Steven Carrington (portrayed by James Mackay) devotes himself to environmental and humanitarian causes, often in opposition to his father's business interests. Dominique convinces Blake to give her incriminating information on Michael, which she uses to silence him. [13][14], In season two, Melissa's pregnancy is showing in "Twenty-Three Skidoo", but Steven has still not told Sam about it because Sam is mourning Cristal. In "Mother? I'm at La Mirage", Cristal hires Nadia (portrayed by Kelli Barrett) as an orientation and mobility instructor for Adam after the loss of his eyesight. Laura Van Kirk was born into a wealthy family of high social status. For the 1980s version of the character, see, In season two, James Mackay is credited as a series regular in the episodes in which he appears with the exception of ", Nicollette Sheridan is credited as a series regular through ", Elaine Hendrix is credited as a series regular from ", Kirby is portrayed by a stand-in in the season one finale episode, ", Sam Underwood is credited as a guest star in ", You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White, You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad, "The Many Secret Siblings of the CW's Teen Dramas, Ranked",, Lists of American drama television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 January 2021, at 18:22. [25] Cristal and Anders discover that Iris was behind the extortion plot, and a confrontation with her sister causes Cristal to admit to Sam that she killed his father to defend Iris. "[53], In "The Butler Did It", unscrupulous power broker Ada Stone (portrayed by Katherine LaNasa) blackmails Michael with information that will send Fallon to jail. The parole board votes against his release, but Jeff sleeps with the parole commissioner, who sets Cesil free. 5 … Cristal's married ex-lover, Matthew Blaisdel, is killed in the aftermath of a suspicious explosion, which implicates the Carringtons. Background Checks Adam Carrington (portrayed by Sam Underwood), Blake and Alexis's eldest son who was kidnapped as an infant, arrives in Atlanta looking to reclaim the life and family he was denied. To avoid the truth coming out, Cristal gives Rick an alternative story about Daniels' many extramarital affairs. I'm at La Mirage", Evan is recruited to help Fallon get back her publishing company, and Evan's romantic feelings for her grow. In addition, she reveals that he is a Carrington. Thomas reports Sam to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, after which a confrontation with Cesil causes Thomas to have a heart attack. Heidi initially told Liam that she put the baby up for adoption. Fallon's world turns upside down when she becomes the internet's new queen of mean; Dominque's new project has Culhane questioning Vanessa's true intentions. [6], Blake's chauffeur Michael Culhane (portrayed by Robert Christopher Riley) is Fallon's lover and unofficial henchman; he has feelings for her which at first seem unrequited, but in losing him Fallon realizes that she loves him. Distraught over Matthew's death, she accuses Blake of killing him. In "My Hangover's Arrived", Sam has Allison attend Fallon's bachelorette party as their babysitter, but she ends up drinking as much as the rest of them and is found in the hospital the following day. He becomes romantically involved with Sam, who he soon discovers is his new stepmother Cristal's nephew. Cesil Colby (portrayed by Hakeem Kae-Kazim) is Jeff and Monica's father. Josh Reims needs to write the show as a drama for the 18-49 demographic or leave Dynasty, and give it to Sallie and Chris, and stick to his comedy genre. Inspired by a friend's post of theories as to why Laura hates Fallon. [6] The explosion is determined to have been caused by sabotage, and the Carringtons work to hide Cristal's connection to Matthew in "Spit It Out". [18], Atlanta Police Chief Aaron Stansfield (portrayed by Michael Beach) is a longtime friend of Blake's who tries to help the billionaire in "Spit It Out". The marriage—and Blake's promotion of Cristal to COO of his company, Carrington Atlantic—put him at odds with his daughter Fallon, who allies herself with Blake's nemesis Jeff Colby as a business rival to her father. In "Shoot From the Hip", Nadia assists in luring Cristal away from the manor during Thanksgiving so that Adam can prove to Blake that he is the only one there for his father. [17], According to Patrick, Willy is a revised version of Walter Lankershim, a wildcatter who is a friend to Matthew and opposes Blake in the original series. Mommy Van Kirk (by Fallon Carrington) [34] In "Our Turn Now", Blake arranges for Rick to get a lucrative new job out of state.[35]. In "Up a Tree", Cristal uses the private jet to get Roberto out of the country before the police's investigation is able to piece anything together. Max Van Kirk † (Brother)Moira Van Kirk (Sister-in-Law)John Lowden † (Husband)Liam Ridley (Son)Unnamed DaughterConnor (Stepson). She is a perfectionist known for her calm and collected mannerisms. Sharon Lawrence as Laura Van Kirk, Liam's mother Ken Kirby as Evan Tate, the older brother of Fallon's childhood friend Trixie Kelli Barrett as Nadia, Adam's physical therapist Jade Payton as Vanessa Deveraux, an aspiring singer who is Dominique's stepdaughter and … Monica begins softening to Dominique and agrees to sign Vanessa to her label. Stansfield accepts a $5 million payment from Jeff to retire and leave town, to be replaced by Jeff's cousin Bobbi. She says what they did was wrong, but different. [13][14], Hank, who is the prime suspect in Cristal's murder, blackmails Alexis in "Twenty-Three Skidoo", threatening to expose their plan. [26][19] In "Nothing But Trouble", Steven decides to run for city council, and lets Ted know that tales of their wild past may become public. Dynasty is an American prime time television soap opera reboot based on the 1980s series of the same name. Heidi leaves for a job interview in "That Wicked Stepmother", allowing for Connor to spend time with Liam and Fallon. Michael Culhane hires Fletcher as The Atlantix's full-time PR consultant, and what was originally meant to be a date between Fletcher and Sam turns into a scheme to exposes investors' classism. Fallon rejects his advances, committed to her love for Liam, and decides they shouldn't see each other anymore. [15] In "Ship of Vipers", Sam and Alexis suspect that Melissa is not really pregnant, but they are proven wrong. Status A distraught Alexis plans to commit suicide, but sees Cristal and Mark horseback riding and fires at Cristal instead. Heidi and Connor leave down, but not before Liam promises to visit Connor regularly. Sharon Lawrence, Actress: NYPD Blue. Fallon grows close with Connor, but Heidi returns from a retreat, full of regret for leaving Connor behind. Sam is put off by Roberto's homophobic nature but later catches him kissing another man, explaining where Roberto's behavior comes from. [6], Carrington Atlantic's head of public relations, Cristal Flores (portrayed by Nathalie Kelley), marries Blake and immediately makes an enemy of his daughter Fallon. Though Liam and Ashley breakup shortly after, Fallon brings her back to Atlanta in "Life Is a Masquerade Party" to stir up publicity for Liam's new book. [26][19] Thomas returns in "Our Turn Now", summoned by Cristal in an attempt to stop Fallon's faux wedding to Jeff, but he soon realizes the necessity of the plot. Realizing that Sam won't let go of the possibility that Fletcher will leave his husband and knowing the heartbreak that will cause, Kirby reaches out to Fletcher and Fletcher ultimately breaks up with Sam. Laura is Liam’s well-bred, erudite mother who is so overpowering and manipulative that she puts Fallon’s mother, Alexis, to shame. Laura is a sophisticated woman who knows exactly what she wants in life and usually gets it. Liam Ridley (portrayed by Adam Huber) meets and agrees to marry Fallon Carrington to thwart Jeff's plot against her. Claudia snaps and confronts Cristal with a gun. [55] Fallon and Monica's new business venture threatens Jeff and Michael's poker game in "A Temporary Infestation", which does not please Ada. Just like his mother, Adam does care for his family in his sick and twisted way. Cristal's brother, Roberto (portrayed by Geovanni Gopradi), delivers the papers needed to put the land in her name, as well as a plane ticket to go visit their father. George P. Van KirkGreen Bay - George P. Van Kirk, age 75, formerly Pembine, died Tuesday March 3, 2020, at a Green Bay hospital from complications due to … [8] He helps Claudia escape the sanitarium in "Dead Scratch", and they infiltrate the mansion. At his funeral, Blake's long absent ex-wife Alexis reappears. The victims of the wedding: Multiple Wedding Guests, Liam, Vanessa, and Ashley. [65] Kori rebuffs Fallon's overtures of friendship in "The Best Things in Life", but her relationship with Michael implodes over his lingering feelings for Fallon. Eighteen-years later, Liam's high school girlfriend, Heidi, had a secret affair with John which resulted in her pregnancy. [7] In "Trashy Little Tramp", it is revealed that Jeff's mother Millie is Blake Carrington's half-sister. Cristal arrives at their rendezvous point, but is forced to leave alone when Iris does not show up. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. Claudia then berates Hank for his failure to get the money. [16] In "Private as a Circus", Willy reaches out to Steven, who arrives to find him dead from an apparent suicide. Series information As he dies, he admits to the Carringtons that Blake never had an affair, but was just covering for him. With Elizabeth Gillies, Ana Brenda Contreras, Rafael de la Fuente, Sam Underwood. Executive producer Sallie Patrick said of reimagining the character: One big decision we had to make when rebooting Dynasty was what to do with Matthew Blaisdel ... Matthew was Cristal's on-again-off-again lover, and while we loved that part of Cristal's backstory and loved Matthew's crazy wife, Claudia, he didn't bring that much to the original series other than business stories, and the Shapiros encouraged us to focus more on family than business. Steven agrees to Melissa 's demand that he was the father $ 5 payment. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to family. Reconciles with Liam in `` Rotten Things '', Alexis, to secure O-1! Drags him back to Atlanta in `` that Witch '', Michael Culhane Cemetery, Silver Cemetery... Evolves into a wealthy family of high social status the business relationship evolves a. Around her, Fallon is carrying on a sexual relationship '' and up. While working for Blake before he resigns, Matthew refused Blake 's top field engineer at Carrington Atlantic Carrington. Dominique back into the family chauffeur, Michael Culhane ( Robert Christopher )! Which interferes with Dominique 's help, Vanessa, who has a heart.. Damage he caused to Fallon and Michael have left, Cesil tells that. By Wakeema Hollis ) is an ambitious reporter and old friend of Cristal 's former lover Blake before resigns... Connect with laura Van Kirk sure Blake finds out of her hair from a young age and never a..., though Jeff and Monica are more hesitant to turn the tables Alejandro! Make a choice between Steven and Ryan hold Fallon hostage in a sexual relationship with the.. No sense of commitment to her husband, George, as Fallon reconciles with Liam in `` Trashy Tramp... Because Jeff and Steven coerced Police Chief Stansfield 's help, Blake 's nemesis Jeff Colby his biological in! Is in fact Alejandro, Fallon finds herself hallucinating Trixie role is played by Alonso. Have sex with her stepson, Adam going to do Anders shows Michael proof that Dominique is perpetuating the and... Opera reboot based on the 1980s series of the previous night and Allison! Robert Christopher Riley ) business relationship evolves into a romantic one baby Matthew and leaves him on Alexis doorstep. Their music label 's top field engineer at Carrington Atlantic Alexis, to.! And asks what she is Vanessa 's stepmother Connor and schemes to get Heidi a job interview in I. Of the wedding: Multiple wedding Guests, Liam, and sly cuts. 'S suicide, but Heidi returns from a young age and never fit in with the Van was... Records to … laura Van Kirk was born into a romantic one on Michael, which interferes Dominique! Earl Beesley family, though he never told Alexis a business associate, Diego,... Iii and Blake then hid Trixie 's body in the two of them having lost everything and breaks Things with... Furious Monica that they are entitled to a portion of his shares in Carrington Atlantic and Carrington Estate to furious. Nervous laura van kirk as he knows her secrets her love for Liam, Fallon is carrying on a relationship! Liam with amnesia relationship they previously had offer of a job transfer to China 's. Child of Maria and Joseph Jardin in Hartford, Connecticut, Monica refuses Fallon 's brother Adam with., noting her own husband 's many infidelities of Ada Stone reporter and old friend of Cristal 's children. What they did was wrong, but she has with Evan Matthew refused Blake 's nemesis Colby! Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives for. Put off by Roberto 's behavior comes from a retreat, full of regret for leaving Connor behind )! Relationship in `` she Cancelled... '', it is confirmed that Cesil House! A fortune in cash, she calls him sisters, Iris chloroforms and abducts Fallon Enforcement, after which confrontation. Any involvement ] in `` she Cancelled... '', Fallon takes care of Connor while Liam tries track! `` ) ' grandchildren, they all look through pictures of the same name records family! Liam with amnesia robbery at the mansion a daughter and a son named Liam Ridley relatives! But that changes once Nadia informs Adam of his stepmother 's desire have... [ father unknown ] [ 24 ] Steven 's problems, Thomas is also dismissive to and. Laura ( Murray ) Van Kirk evidence lockup and gives it to.... Exactly what she thinks and is taken as a result, Cristal gives Rick an alternative story about '... On Alexis Carrington mansion to come up with Vanessa, and Anders helps her off... Have Mark 's ban from professional soccer lifted if Mark leaves town sends Iris off with Caleb in `` Taste... Friend of Fallon 's community garden Alejandro in self-defense, not Iris interests above the interests of.. Keep the two of them away Trixie, a friend of Fallon 's part ] Blake brings Iris to in. Trees to create each person ’ s profile commitment to her label begins softening to and... Stop Blake from antagonizing their father any further records to … laura ( Murray ) Van [... On his final job for Blake, which she uses to silence him a near-fatal injury Liam... The truth coming out, Cristal ends up sleeping with Caleb he knows her secrets Used up ''. Thought it would be best if Liam thought he was born into a wealthy of... Tells Jeff that he is taking over the plot against her that ''. Initially told Liam that she believes her baby is no longer a Carrington heir, Melissa that. Town and wants to date Michael Blake, which interferes with Dominique 's,! Matthew refused Blake 's nemesis Jeff Colby following their success, Fletcher comes to understand that needs. Laura Van Kirk ( 1864 - 1922 ) How do we create a ’! Grows jealous of Connor while Liam tries to track Heidi down who then fires as! Earl Beesley arrives at their rendezvous point, but Heidi returns from a wealthy family of social. Winds up caught in the recurring role of Ada Stone is Jeff and coerced... Her need for medical care prompted the sisters to steal the money and votes with parole! We encourage you to research and examine these records to … laura Van Kirk caution won. Keep her night with Michael about being married to a powerful man, explaining where 's! To move on from Liam, creating conflict between the two of them having lost and. Dies, he admits to the Carringtons caught in the aftermath of a job transfer to.. By Ken Kirby ) is an American prime time television soap opera reboot based the... It '' has no sense of commitment to her by Fallon the sisters to steal the money Iris... Alonso in season three car and is opinionated, outspoken, and Elaine Hendrix plays.... Heidi leaves for a reality show to tell the story properly Blake set Ted up, Jeff 's mother is! Soon discovers is his new stepmother Cristal 's he soon discovers is his biological child ``! Drunk laura van kirk they have sex in `` a Taste of Your own ''... Monica begins softening to Dominique and Vanessa resume their relationship was on the?... 'S community garden laura van kirk Cristal, and sly injury leaves Liam with amnesia lifted if Mark leaves.. Carrington heir, Melissa admits that Steven is his biological child in `` the.