Offered in Japanese, with friendly Deeper Japan guide interpreting in English This is a dodgy practice, but it’s kind of hard to remove the stuff and sit there, because you’ll be waiting for those people to return and worrying that they might be giant hulking gangsters. The 8,000-seater arena is in Osaka's Namba district, in the center of the city. S umo wrestling in Japan is a traditional sport full of ritual and ancient customs. Cross the street and walk past Daikoku Drug Store (keeping it on your left). Grab one of these. The only exception is children younger than four years of age. The venue is “Bodymaker Colosseum”, the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. Book online and get your voucher via email instantly! Usually, they’ll offer them to anyone with a foreign face. But it wasn’t just Seagal’s lack of talent and ridiculous appearance that ended his … Expect raucous cheers for any wrestlers from the Kansai region. It was said that he could break an animal’s horn with his bare hands. The shore excursion starts from Kobe or Osaka port delivers you to revel in the alluring and peaceful places in Osaka and Nara. Head up to the third level. .Fun pictures in front of traditional Japan settings If you try the sumo training, you get to experience a little of what that’s like. From attending the annual sumo tournaments to observing sumo stable training sessions, here's how to experience sumo in Tokyo. When you enter the arena, you will see people handing out match schedules. There are around 800 professional sumo wrestlers, weighing from 200 to 350 pounds. It reads 当日券最後尾 (tojitsuken saikobi) in Japanese. Each tournament starts and ends on a Sunday and lasts 15 days. Tour with a Sumo Wrestler. Professional sumo tournaments are held in Japan six times per year, once in every odd-numbered month. When you arrive at Namba Station, follow the signs for Exit #5. Here’s a picture of the English side of the seiriken. .Enjoy other cultural experiences at Maikoya Osaka. Truly Bisexual duos available with my lover Harmony Bancroft I am awell-established, discreet professional - please do your research prior to reaching out. Here’s a picture of the Japanese side of a seiriken. It’s not just the sheer athletic spectacle of two mountains of flesh colliding, it’s the whole atmosphere of the arena. Group experience. If you’re coming from Kyoto, you can take an early kaisoku or shinkaisoku train on the JR line (these start running just after 5am), or you can jump on the first Haruka airport express train (which departs Kyoto at 5.45am on both weekdays and weekends/holidays). The tickets cost Y2100 for adults and Y200 for children (between the ages of 4 and the end of junior high school). Get the chance to watch up close a Sumo demonstration by a Former Pro-sumo wrestler. You can have a sumo experience at Maikoya by putting on inflatable sumo costumes and take memorable pictures in front of the traditional backdrops. In either case, get off at Shin-Osaka and get on the Midosuji subway line, bound for Namba. Buying tickets in advance is difficult, but you can wake up early and buy same-day tickets at the stadium. The experience allows guests to learn about sumo traditions and culture with an English-speaking tour guide (expert in sumo wrestling) while watching one of the most exciting sports in Japan. 1. The official tournament is held six times in a year, three in Tokyo (January, May and September) and one each in Osaka (March), Nagoya (July) and Fukuoka (November). Behind these are the normal upright reserved seats. In order to get tickets, you should get to the stadium around 7am on a weekday and 6am on a weekend or on one of the final days of the tournament. Then, do some sightseeing. At around 7.20am, workers come around and hand out seiriken (number tickets). In this post, I’ll share some photos I took during the Sumo Grand Tournament 2019 in Osaka, Japan and share my experience. Below is a list of each sumo basho, and where and when it takes place. Remarks. If you’re organized and your timing is right, you can buy tickets in advance online from the Ticket Osumo site. Osaka Sumo tournaments are held only during the month of March. The March Sumo Tournament is held at Edion Arena (Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium), which is in Namba, in the Minami District of Osaka. This is surrounded by the masu and tamari seats, which are box seats where people sit on the floor. At the e The show is offered every Monday from 11:45 am in Asakusa and every Thursday from 11:45 am in Ryogoku 2. Six 15-day Grand Sumo tournaments are held each year in Japan. Here’s a picture of an actual same-day ticket (tojitsu-ken). Take the escalator to street level. However, it’s not easy for tourists to buy tickets. Tokyo sumo . Sumo is not held in Kyoto but you can easily attend the March tournament in Osaka (11 minutes by bullet train) and the July tournament in Nagoya (40 minutes by bullet train). Here are all the details. You can also have a chanko nabe in the nanba area afterwards. There are usually three windows. Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Exit 5 from Namba Station - image © Chris Rowthorn, Daikoku Drug Store - image © Chris Rowthorn, Edion Arena with Sumo Flags - image © Chris Rowthorn, End of Line Sign - image © Chris Rowthorn, Giving out Seiriken - image © Chris Rowthorn, Seiriken Japanese Side - image © Chris Rowthorn, Seiriken English Side - image © Chris Rowthorn, Tojitsu-ken (same-day) ticket - image © Chris Rowthorn, English Match Schedule - image © Chris Rowthorn, Unreserved Seat Sign - image © Chris Rowthorn, Upper Ranks Entering Arena - image © Chris Rowthorn, How to Buy Tickets for a Tokyo Sumo Match, Best Kaiseki, Kappo and Other Haute Cuisine In Osaka, UNESCO World Heritage Sites In and Around Osaka, Shinsekai: A Guide To Osaka’s “New World” District, Nagoya’s SCMAGLEV and Railway Park: A Full Guide, How to Get to Osaka and Osaka Airport Transport, 7 to 10 Day Japan Itinerary: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Hiroshima, 10 Day Japan Itinerary: Tokyo, Kyoto and Takayama, 10 Day Japan Itinerary: Tokyo, Kyoto and Kanazawa, Japan Itinerary For Traveling With Children, For information on how to buy sumo tickets in advance for any tournament in Japan (including Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka), as well as information about how to buy same-day tickets in Tokyo, see, If you’d like to stay in Osaka to be nearer to the stadium, check out our. Sumo. The roof on top of the sumo ring represents the shinto shrine. Line up at the end of the line. Osaka Sumo tickets can be purchased from and Osaka Sumo tournaments can be enjoyed at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium (大阪府立体育会館 Ōsaka furitsu taiikukaikan in Namba. Each spring Osaka plays host to one of six annual Grand Sumo Tournaments (known as Basho). Here’s how. There’s another way: You can go directly to the arena when a tournament is being held and buy “tojitsuken” (same-day tickets). A unique Sumo experience in Osaka Note that it’s easiest to get weekday tickets early in the tournament. Are they real athletes? Location: Osaka ~2 hours (can be up to 3 hours, depending on that day’s training) 10 people max. Later days and weekend days sell out sooner (requiring an earlier wake-up to get tickets). Sumo wrestlers wear nothing but a tiny loincloth called mawashi. The roof on top of the sumo ring represents the shinto shrine. Voyagin: Tokyo Sumo Training Experience. No matter where you sit in the unreserved section, you’ll be far from the action, so consider bringing binoculars. And then there was his hair. Get a glimpse of Osaka Castle and green space surroundings, take a visit to Kasuga Shrine – the iconic place in Japan, and join in the … Note that even if you have a seiriken, you cannot now walk away and come back to buy tickets later. You MUST PAY IN JAPANESE YEN CASH, so be sure to bring enough, because there are no ATMs nearby. They will teach you the techniques and the rules in Sumo and show you the moves and how they do their training everyday to make them fit and strong. I bought the tickets to the Sumo Grand Tournament 2019 in Osaka ahead of time, … They’re free. Jan 17, 2021 2021 January Grand Sumo Tournament Leaders List NEW! At 4pm, the upper-rank wrestlers enter the arena. The EDION Arena Osaka (Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium) hosts the annual March tournament. Maikoya offers you opportunities to understand this culture through local instructors and guides. The Sumo Tournament Experience in Tokyo with Japan Awaits is an experience at the famous Grand Sumo Tournament that occurs only three times a year in Tokyo (January, May, and September). But don’t despair if you didn’t get tickets online. sumo wrestler than a martial artist. There is no better way to learn about a new place from the viewpoints of those who grew up and live in this amazing country. Once at the counter, you can buy your ticket (remember, one ticket per person only). Sumo is Japan’s national sport. First, check the English sumo schedule to determine the exact dates of the Osaka tournament. Your guide will talk you through the Jinku, a performance of songs that signal the … At around 7.45am, they start selling the same-day tickets. If you’re going to be in Japan in mid- to late March, you can see sumo in Osaka. Click the name of the place in the list. After buying their same-day tickets, some people join the line for entry to the stadium (gates open at around 8.30am). Access. Chanko nabe is a big hot pot packed with a huge amount of calries usually eaten by sumo wrestlers. And, in January, May and September, sumo is held in Tokyo, which is only 2.5 hours from Kyoto by bullet train. Let's get over this difficult situation together!! . According to the Nihonshiki, the Chronicles of Japan, the oldest collection of Japanese historical documents, the first sumo match took place in the 7th year of the Suinin Emperor sometime between 29BC and 70AD. The wrestlers are seeded into different categories with the new recruits and lower ranks competing in the morning. You will see the list of places on the left hand side. 2021 January Grand Sumo Tournament Champions List NEW! Samurai sword experience (Need to Travel From Osaka to Kyoto), Samurai Sword Cutting Experience in Kyoto – Tameshigiri, Ninja Experience in Kyoto for Adults SPECIAL Authentic Ninja Training Lesson, To get updates from us please subscribe to our newsletter, 2-19-15-9F, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 4 Chome-8-20 Fukushima, Fukushima Ward, Osaka, 553-0003, Japan, Teramachi Utanokoji building 2F, 292, Higashidaimonjicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan. There is a colorful ceremony to mark their entry. According to the Nihonshiki, Taimano is said to have boaste… But don’t despair if you didn’t get tickets online. Seeing sumo in action is one of the best cultural experiences you can have in Japan and watching a sumo tournament should definitely be on your list.. The tournament in Tokyo is held in Ryogoku Kokugikan. The sumo tournaments are held as follows: Tokyo (January, May and September), Osaka (March), Nagoya (July) and Fukuoka (November). First of all, unlike Tokyo or Nagoya, the EDION Arena is located in a very vibrant (and central) part of the city. Osaka is known as The Nation’s Kitchen and there are plentiful food and hotel options near the venue. The easiest way to get there is to take the Midosuji Subway Line from Umeda Station or Shin-Osaka Station. There are also small sections at the very end of each side of the third level with no seats, where you can sit on the floor. Walk to the third street and take a left. Sumo wrestlers wear … A worker will be holding a sign showing the end of the line. For the next two hours, you’ll be watching the best wrestlers competing against each other. Sumo is an ancient Japanese sport that is related to Shinto. (Click the 3-line icon in the top left corner if not). You wouldn’t find friendlier people to help you experience Japan in all its splendor. It’s not just the sheer athletic spectacle of two mountains of flesh colliding, it’s the whole atmosphere of the arena. Learning about a country through cultural workshops and activities will give you a better understanding of our intricate history, valued social principals and holistic way of life. Kaiketsu/Wikimedia Commons. Here, you will be taken to Kehayaza, a sumo museum and ring, where you will be treated to the full sumo experience. The chance to experience all the excitement and ritual of Japan's oldest sport, sumo wrestling. As noted above, children below 4 years of age do not need tickets (but, a sumo arena is not a great place for really young children). Some of them will be handing out English-language match schedules. This allows you to claim a decent seat in the unreserved section. Its location pin will be highlighted on the map. This is when the action really starts. But decades later, the guy has a widow’s peak that looks like industrial carpeting. But there’s a way to experience this centuries’ old sport up close and personal — as in twenty feet away personal – by visiting a sumo stable and watching the morning training session, known as asageiko. However, you’ll wind up hanging about until early afternoon, when the action starts. Walk a few blocks and you will see the Edion Arena in front of you at the end of the street. When to Go. ! The story goes that in Taima Village, present day Taima-cho in Nara’s Katsuragi City, there was a man named Taimano Kehaya who possessed superhuman strength. Life time experience with a Real Sumo Wrestle | Let's meet with the Real Japanese Sumo in the Sumo world. Observe an authentic morning sumo training session Details. How To Get A Reply From Me *TEXT 5176040048 If you ask me what is the best experience that you had in Japan, I can tell you that the Sumo Grand Tournament in Osaka is in my Top 3 for sure, if not my favorite experience so far.. Osaka sumo Visit Osaka for the spring sumo tournament which takes place in the city's Nanba district Seeing the sumo really is an "only in Japan" experience. Sumo wrestling is the ancient traditional sport of Japan and provides a fascinating and at times dramatic spectacle for anyone lucky enough to make it to a basho or tournament. For those with same-day tickets, the only seating options are the areas marked “自由席 unreserved seat”. There’s an… If you're using the map on your phone, open the map and then search for the name of the place. Jan 9, 2021 2021 January Grand Sumo Tournament 1st & 2nd Day's Matches NEW! Sumo Experience in Osaka Sumo is an ancient Japanese sport that is related to Shinto. For full details on this option, check out our How to Buy Tickets for a Tokyo Sumo Match(the procedure is the same for Osaka). We will cover the in-venue experience in a later post, however your visit to see live sumo in Osaka is unique. There are usually plenty of guides around to give directions, including a few folks who speak English. For full details on this option, check out our How to Buy Tickets for a Tokyo Sumo Match (the procedure is the same for Osaka). So, it’s better to look for truly open seats. Map pins are color coded - BLUE: Hotels / Ryokan / Guesthouses | VIOLET: Ryokan | PINK: Places to Eat | GREEN: Shops | YELLOW: Things to See and Do. Three of the six sumo tournaments take place in Tokyo at the Ryogoku Kokugikan sumo arena, in Tokyo’s old-fashioned Ryogoku neighborhood, with the other three held in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. How to Experience Sumo … Sometimes, people have left things on the seat to hold them until they return to the stadium later. However, it’s not easy for tourists to buy tickets. Scroll down or use the map search (the magnifying glass icon) to find the place you want. Sumo wrestlers wear … Upon entering the arena, you’ll be greeted by the awesome sight of the dohyo (ring) and the ceremonial roof above it. For such cases, we will provide a full refund or offer our Edo Kiriko or Shodo experiences, if available, as alternate experience, at no additional cost. Ryogoku area is known for sumo town since the Kokugikan, the sumo arena is located in Ryogoku. Facing the stadium, walk to your right and you will find the line for same-day tickets on the right side of the stadium. Seagal was going bald in the 80′s. By learning about Japan and its people through activities and lessons such as tea ceremony, kimono dressing, Japanese cooking and the life of a samurai, you will be immersed in different perspectives and approaches that are unique to this country. Seeing a sumo match is an unforgettable experience. Several people from the audience will be picked to dress in a funny sumo suit (don't worry, you will not need to take off any clothes) and challenge the former stars in a duel. Minimum 2 participants, solo guests may book at the price of 2 participants. Just before you get to the windows, a worker will check your seiriken. What better way to spend a day than learning a traditional, beautiful new activity with a knowledgeable tutor in a picturesque setting? Walk the streets where the wrestlers call home. Sumo Experience in Nara This shore excursion is highlighted by a visit to Nara Deer Park & witness the adorable deers, and revel in an entertaining Sumo experience at Kehaya-za, Nara. Sumo was a shinto ritual conducted to pray for a good harvest season.... Sumo Experience in Kyoto for Kids | Kyoto, Japan Activities - Lonely Planet Search Lonely Planet Sushi Chef Experience Osaka City Minami Area (Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi) And then return to the arena around 4pm, which is when the upper-rank wrestlers enter the arena. See my one page guide, Compare flight prices and timings to find the, If you're visiting more than one city, save a ton of money with the. In the event that a sumo training is cancelled, we will immediately notify any guests and/or travel agencies that have booked an experience for that date. 2017 Osaka Tournament runs from March 12th to 26th, and bouts are held daily. Category: Osaka Shore Excursions Wishing everyone around the world a quick and complete recovery!! The last bout finishes around 6pm. In front of you, you will see Daikoku Drug Store (see the picture below, since the sign is only written in Japanese). By around 8am, the last of the same-day tickets will be sold. These guys are usually retired sumo wrestlers, so it’s not a good idea to get into a shoving match with them. Sumo Training Experience. You MUST remain on line to buy your tickets. The venue for Daito Club's sumo experience, which we’ll be talking about today, is a place called Active Square Daito. Very few people get to stand in the dohyō aside from the wrestlers themselves. If you’re organized and your timing is right, you can buy tickets in advance online from the Ticket Osumo site. Sincere passion and a genuine connection are not only crucial ingredients to an enjoyable experience, they're also my specialties. Each tournament lasts for 15 days. Some people might think sumo wrestlers are … *** Please let us know if you have any food allergies, Halal, vegan or vegetarian preferences. Thus, I recommend just going back to your hotel and taking a nap. Sumo Experience in Osaka Sumo is an ancient Japanese sport that is related to Shinto. For all the essentials in a brief overview, see my, Check Osaka accommodation availability and pricing on, Need tips on where to stay? The Japanese sport has been promoted as a traditional Japanese sport throughout Japan and the rest of the world. Active Square Daito is a facility that was repurposed from an abandoned elementary school to be used for accommodations and as a space for today’s … It’s held from the second Sunday in March to the last Sunday in March. The roof on top of the sumo ring represents the shinto shrine. Sumo Ranking is announced on First Day. These can be found at the ends of the third-level. At this point, the line will be allowed to advance toward the ticket windows. Dec 25, 2020 2021 January Grand Sumo Tournament Pre-Tournament Interviews; Dec 24, 2020 2021 January Grand Sumo Tournament Banzuke Topics; Dec 24, 2020 On sumo tournament days, there will be colorful flags in front of the stadium (each flag represents a wrestler competing in the tournament). Seeing a sumo match is an unforgettable experience. These confirm your place in the line. Sites Visits: Okinaya Sohonpo, a 6th Generation family-owned Japenese sweets maker, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Ohmi-cho Fish Market, Textiles Plant, and Grand Sumo Tournament. The map will then zoom in on its location. Final Day; The January Tournament: … Sumo tournaments held at different parts of Japan during different time sof the year. Also note that every person in your party must have their own seiriken (so be sure to get one).
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