HHS See more. To identify mechanisms that might explain the observed decline in the fraction of the active cells, we considered three age-dependent scenarios: increase in cell-cycle length, increase in self-renewal, and increase of the mean time spent in quiescence (Figures 1F–1H; Data S1). The cycle ends in a condition of quiescence, or of such action as tends only to preserve the status quo. Adjectives abound, such as enigmatic and cryptic, as do synonyms (see Table 1), but far more significant is the lack of descriptors, measurable and testable, let alone a universal or consensus physiology that define the phenomena. A resource that is in a quiesced state can be reactivated more quickly than one that has been completely removed from the system. Astronomy Having little or no sunspot activity. Glossary of biology terms Meaning and definition of quiescent center : A region located within the zone of cell division in plant roots, containing meristematic cells that divide very slowly. A wide range of cells spends the majority of their life in quiescence, a temporary non-proliferating cellular state. It is also known as Imposed Dormancy. Keywords: Singer and Margaret Werner-washburne and Cell Quiescence Cycle and Mutants Defective and Cell Quiescence Cycle}, title = {QUIESCENCE IN YEAST.....188 Operational Definition of Quiescence.....}, year = {}} PLOS Biology provides an Open Access platform to showcase your best research and commentary across all areas of biological ... Assays were performed 3 times, and the data represent the mean ± SD; n = 50. Origin of quiescent 1600–10;