.alphaList{ The state that turns everyone into an outdoors person. Members of the MUA work in a range of occupations across all facets of the maritime sector margin:8px 5px 5px; #block-service-links-service-links > div.content > h3, div.view-decision-summaries div.field-name-field-decision-pdf{margin-top:0.5rem;} color:#ffffff; �_�� � padding:5px 0 5px 5px; Beacons enquiries. Towage provider Svitzer has welcomed the decision of the Maritime Union of Australia to withdraw its protected industrial action in ports covered by Svitzer Australia’s National Towage Enterprise Agreement as of midday, Wednesday 20 January 2021. Emergencies. The Maritime Union of Australia delivered an eleventh-hour undertaking to DP World on Saturday to suspend its work bans and go-slows for six weeks … The Maritime Union of Australia . Maritime Certificate approves your membership in Maritime Union.You can print it and store with your certificates and documents. cursor: pointer; Choice members have access to a further 10 investment strategies, including a Fixed Term investment option.Fees are lower than the industry average across all account balances assessed. The name of the organisation is “The Australian Maritime Officers Union - Western Area Union of Employees.” 2 - REGISTERED OFFICE The registered office of the Union will be at 28 Mouat Street, Fremantle, Western Australia, or such other place or places as the Area Executive may from time to time decide. The MUA represents some 13,000 Australian seafarers, stevedores, and other maritime workers, equating to div.region-sidebar-first > div#block-menu-block-5{display:none !important;} The MUA was formed in 1993 with merger of the Seamen's Union of Australia and the Waterside Workers' Federation of Australia. The governance of the organisation was vested in the National Council, comprising the Secretaries of each branch. !1)�C�ީ��HS�U^#�Q'*��mCM�(�q��$��m��WB���[p�!�NT�Q+�4�/� ĵ-!�qL���sK��W�d����V��H��3�1"��\2>� m�x�Kp�!�aLwң�Bx�����;o��38�"��te����]�~ �� PK ! background-repeat: repeat-x; color: #182B49; div.content > h3, border-radius: 0; vertical-align: middle; background-image: linear-gradient(#325a9a, #182b49); See the instrument of deregistration [2018] FWC 1797  and decision [2018] FWC 1017 for further details. padding: 1em 1.57143em; #block-bean-slideshow-1-label > div.content > h3, The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) was a union which covered waterside workers, seafarers, port workers, professional divers, and office workers associated with Australian ports. But 2020 didn't go to plan. ]]>*/, div.content > h3, .ebluebtn{ .field-type-link-field a[href$=".xlsx"]::before{ Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and then outlines the MUA views and recommendations in respect of several of the terms of reference, using a case study example. The ACCC has instituted proceedings now because it believes there have been serious and continuing breaches of the Act by the MUA, which the union has made no effort to address. Membership of our union means you are part of a strong, active and supportive network for workers. Unity Bank is a proud supporter of Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and Construction, Forestry, Mining Energy Union (CFMEU) - Mining & Energy Division events. .tblCss th a, .tblCss th a:visited, .tblCss th a:active, .tblCss th a:focus{color:#ffffff !important;} The following notices were withdrawn from midday yesterday: text-align: center; Address. (Find out more) } Date of registration: 23 July 1930, originally as the Federated Seamen’s Union of Australasia, Organisation type and coverage: employees connected to the shipping and diving industry. The ALP aims to support trade unions in pursuit of their industrial goals and many unions support the ALP in pursuit of its political goals. This page is preserved for historical purposes only. [CDATA[/* >